Islamophobia Hotline

Islamophobia Hotline

On March 9, 2016, SABABC joined eight other legal organizations to support the launch of the Islamophobia Legal Assistance Hotline. The Hotline was launched in response to a nationwide increase, in recent months, in reported incidents of racial and faith-related discrimination against Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim. The Hotline is intended to connect individuals who have experienced discrimination with free, confidential legal advice and information. With the support of Access ProBono, we have set up a hotline for individuals to call on a confidential basis to report incidents of Islamophobia and to be connected with lawyers regarding possible discrimination, hate crime, and harassment claims, free of charge. The organizers of the Hotline will also be documenting, without identifying information, the types of ssues that are being reported in order to better understand how racist and xenophobic thought are being manifest in Canada today.

It is SABABC’s hope that those who have suffered from these various forms of discrimination because of their faith and/or racial background know that there are lawyers in British Columbia who are committed to assisting with the difficult task of holding those who commit such acts accountable by our legal institutions.

The Hotline number is 604-343- 3828 and is available in seven languages, with more to be added. SABABC member Krisha Dhaliwal has been involved with the initiative since its inception, and SABABC has contributed funds towards its operation. For more information, please visit


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