South Asian Legal Clinic of British Columbia Call for Directors

The South Asian Legal Clinic of British Columbia (“SALCBC”) is currently seeking interested individuals to join their board of directors.

SABABC is a proud supporter of SALCBC and invites its members to consider lending their expertise and experience to SALCBC’s board of directors. SALCBC makes a real impact in the lives of South Asian British Columbians and this is a great way for champions of diversity to further their efforts.

SALCBC is looking for diverse individuals to join them, particularly those who:

  • Have an interest in their work with South Asian community members;

  • Have capacities and knowledge that add to the current board’s skill-sets;

  • Have education and experience that supports the representation of their board with partner organizations and within the broader BC population; and

  • Are committed to the growth of sustainable solutions for South Asian community members.

If you are interested, please send a resume and cover letter by October 15, 2020 to Please describe why you would like to be a part of SALCBC and how you can contribute to its stewardship. Telephone and/or Zoom interviews will be scheduled with selected candidates. All board members will be elected at the AGM soon thereafter for a renewable one-year term.

Please see for more information.