South Asian Bar Association of British Columbia

SABABC was incorporated as a BC society on February 3, 2005 becoming the first Canadian chapter of what was then known as NASABA (now SABA North America), the umbrella bi-national organization comprising approximately 26 SABA chapters across North America.  SABA North America has also established the SABA North America Foundation as its charitable arm.

The South Asian Bar Association of British Columbia (SABABC) is dedicated to, among other things, supporting the local South Asian community, promoting the professional development of South Asian lawyers, paralegals and law students, and representing the interests of South Asians locally, nationally and internationally.

SABABC is committed to promoting the professional development of the South Asian legal community through networking, advocacy and mentoring. SABABC hosts panels, continuing legal education courses, and workshops on career development, social justice issues, and current events.

SABABC aims to remove any barriers South Asian students may face in pursuing a career in the legal profession and those barriers faced by the South Asian community in learning about and accessing legal services and educational programs in the community.

We invite all lawyers, paralegal, law students and judges to please join SABABC in its commitment to achieving these goals.

South Asian Bar Association of North America


SABANA Goals & Mission

SABANA Foundation

The Foundation’s Mission

SABA North America provides a vital link between South Asian lawyers and the South Asian community across North America. As a bar association, SABA North America affords South Asian lawyers across the continent a recognized forum for professional growth and advancement. By promoting the South Asian bar and focusing on the legal needs of the South Asian community, SABA North America is the fastest growing organization of South Asian lawyers in the world. A strong South Asian bar in North America is essential to protecting the rights and liberties of South Asians across this continent. As the South Asian business community in North America continues to prosper, SABA North America provides them with a directory of qualified legal professionals that not only have the sophistication to provide creative business solutions, but also understand their motivations and goals.

-To support, guide, mentor, and foster all the local South Asian Bar Associations (SABAs) in North America

-To be a resource tool for all the local SABAs, allow the leaders of the local SABAs a platform to communicate with each other, and share the best practices of local SABAs with other chapters

-To assist in the formation of new SABA chapters around the continent
To provide a networking forum for all South Asian lawyers

-To provide a referral network/service to the entire South Asian community

-To promote professional development for South Asian lawyers and law students

-To coordinate activities and thoughts with other national bar associations in North America and in South Asia

-To educate and disseminate information to the South Asian community about the law, legal access, and relevant legal issues

The South Asian Bar Association of North America Foundation (Foundation) is a California non-profit entity. Since its first convention in 2004, SABA North America has set aside a share of convention proceeds to fund its Foundation. Formed in 2007 and maintaining 501(c)(3) status, the Foundation is the charitable arm of SABA North America.

-Encourage philanthropy

-Promote, fund, and encourage the professional growth and development of the South Asian Legal Community in North America

-Support research on issues relevant to the South Asian Legal Community in North America

-Provide input on public policies, laws, and issues that affect the South Asian community

-Educate the South Asian community in North America on the legal system and access to justice, while fostering confidence in the rule of law.

The Foundation develops and funds programs that support legal education, legal research and public interest employment that benefits the South Asian legal community of North America and the South Asian community as a whole. The Foundation also develops and funds public interest projects that benefit South Asian legal professionals and the South Asian community. In 2007, the Foundation funded several public interest fellowships sponsored by SABA North America chapters. By partnering with these local SABA North America chapters, the Foundation aspires to encourage the involvement of South Asian lawyers in philanthropy and promote public interest initiatives.

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