SABABC Committees

SABABC’s Executive is made up of volunteers who take away time from their practices, families, and social lives to contribute to a greater cause. There is a lot of work to be done in the profession and in the community at large.

If you would like to get involved with SABABC, contact the Chair of any Committee on which you would like to serve

Student/Mentorship Committee

This Committee facilitates networking and mentorship opportunities to newly called lawyers and students and acts as a resource for students seeking to connect with SABABC. Working with the students and our student membership…

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Scholarship Committee

SABABC recognizes the high cost of obtaining a law degree and the desire to assist in breaking down barriers to entry into law school. Each year, SABABC grants scholarship and bursary awards to law students of South Asian ancestry or law students with a demonstrated interest in the South Asian community who are currently enrolled in first or second…

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Public Relations, Policy and Advocacy

This committee provides advice to the Board and serves as a forum for SABABC members interested in public interest related issues that affect the South Asian community and considers how SABABC may take a public position on such issues. This committee will also advance SABABC’s mandate with respect to social responsibility. This committee additionally operates as a point of contact…

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Social Committee

The Social Committee will prepare an annual calendar of events to arrange social events in both Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. The Committee will coordinate relationships with other organizations wanting to connect with SABABC for the benefit of networking.“The Social Committee is planning the return of the Annual Gala. If you are interested in serving on this…

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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee maintains and updates the membership list. The Committee is responsible for ensuring proper payment, active membership accounts, and to make efforts to increase membership. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact the chair directly with your application.

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The Fall Conference and Professional Development Committee is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Annual Fall Conference. The Committee will also consider other professional development opportunities for members, including the identification of key areas that impact South Asian Lawyers and to make effort to disseminate information for the benefit of members. 

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Website / Social Media / Public Announcements

The Committee will maintain the SABABC website and social media profile in an effort to keep the membership appraised of events and activities. The Committee is currently going through a re-development project and could use anyone with a skill set in this area.

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